Melting Leaf

About us

Melting Leaf is your best source for quality, lab tested,  well informed CBD products. We strive to ensure we do all the homework for you and carry top of the line products. Established in January of 2019 under Melting Pot Smoke Shop we knew with all the benefits CBD offered we had to open up in Conroe. We were the first store to offer top of the line CBD brands. We ensure all products were well tested and had 100% accurate ingredients on the label and in the products. Thanks to the support and all the awesome referrals we are happy to be offering a new location in Conroe and Spring with 100% CBD and Hemp products only, oh and did you hear we will have Coffee as well.

Why Buy Are Products ?

We offer high quality products you can trust. We ensure the brands we carry are well know and have quality as their primary standard.

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